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The Daily News now presents new previously unpublished writings by Jan


The Daily News now presents new previously unpublished writings by Jan; the News Archives hold the previous News pages, and: Transcripts are records of his extemporaneous verbal commentaries. In some cities Jan can be seen on cable access. You may also purchase Jan's books and audios and videos. Relax, hurry up, take a deep breath and enjoy. A key to the symbolism Jan sometimes employs in his Daily News can be found at the bottom of the News Archives: December 1, 2003--click here to go directly there. There is also in the Archives a Glossary of terms he has employed throughout the years which runs from August 31, 2004 to September 15. Click on either date to go directly there.

Face the Facts

For as long as man has been sufficiently conscious to leave written notes, there are those who've been intrigued by activities of consciousness that were outside collective concerns. This interest has been labeled variously as magic, the occult, the mystical, the spiritual, the struggle-to-Awaken, the search-for-Enlightenment, or simply, The Knowledge. The bottom line is, some people have always sought to function in a manner not inherent; it still goes on today, but few of them ever pursue the matter deeply enough to get to the bottom of it. Instead they are satisfied to be students of magic, the occult, awakening and enlightenment, rather than understanding the reality behind such words. There is nothing wrong with this any more than there is anything wrong with preferring to listen to music as opposed to making music. But there is an obvious distinction between being a listener and being an artist, and no purpose is served by denying the difference. Likewise, if you really want to discover and then create your own nonstandard running of consciousness, you need to face the facts about your interest in this affair and not pretend to fool yourself, as is natural for routine consciousness. (to be continued....) link to more Disquiet