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Herein are seeds of random opportunity for faster-than-evolutionary growth. The Daily News now presents new previously unpublished musings by Jan; the News Archives hold the previous News pages, and Transcripts are records of his extemporaneous verbal commentaries. (You may also watch Jan’s talks on YouTube.)  A key to the symbolism Jan sometimes employs in his Daily News can be found at the bottom of the News Archives: December 1, 2003--click here to go directly there. There is also in the Archives a Glossary of terms he has employed throughout the years which runs from August 31, 2004 to September 15. Click on either date to go directly there. Relax, hurry up, take a deep breath and enjoy.


Mechanics 101

Consciousness, in man's nervous system, is able to produce in the individual the sensation that he has a specific, factual "knowledge of himself," a knowledge which, I say (and offer for your inspection), is sorely incomplete, and distorted; composed of little more than a hodge-podge of wishful thinking, half truths, and out-right self deceptions. (continued....) link to more Disquiet