Two Forms of Mysticism Exist

Which Form Are You?
October 30, 2008
copyright 2008 Jan Cox



History in one land tells of a time....
wherein a certain powerful genie had a certain powerful treasure that it wished to keep from man, but it was so large, obvious, and right-out-there-in-plain-view that, at first, the spirit didn't know what to do -- but,
Eureka, mamma!
it finally realized that all it had to do to keep the treasure hidden was to cause men to think about it.
(Shrewd, huh?)


On one world existed two forms of mysticism,
and one of them pointed to itself,
while the other pointed away.
Which form are you?


"Okay, boys & girls, what time is it?"
"It's 'silly time' Officer Bob!"
"That's right kids, and today we're going to 'think about' -- that's right, think about awareness!"



To help compensate for man's mental awareness not functioning at its maximum potential, life took, from instinct, habit, and let man use it neurally.
Hey, fair's fair, especially when it's the only game readily available.



There's a certain sect who believe that
if you've lived an upright life,
just before you die,
god'll let you make one final,
grand hand gesture.
Hey, let us outta here!


After the alarm had gone off, as the man and his thinking lay in one another's arms,
stealing a few more seconds before arising from the bed, the man asked himself,
How comes it that men think of questions as being ammunition that they fire at the targets of ignorance when the questions themselves are never seriously shot at?
And his mind stirred slightly and mumbled,
"Were you talking to me?"
And just then, the snooze setting ran out and the alarm sounded for the second time.


Metaphorical Musical Definition
Words & Music:
the things emphasized by those with no rhythm.
Was it necessary to label it as "metaphorical"?
And Buddha's oldest boy sang
"I'll beat Daddy, eight to the bar."
Some metaphor, huh?


Ordinary minds cannot take a grand, overview of life,
but must, rather, dwell on small, specific items, or else
run the risk of losing what little natural taste they have for it now.

is at best merely an accidental by-product.