This website is meant to provide an introduction to the works of philosopher Jan Cox (1937-2005), who was a Teacher, in the mystical sense of the word, as well as an author, artist and musician whose intriguing maps of consciousness contribute to the current understanding of the mind and its unrecognized influences. His keen insight into psychology, mysticism and neuroscience will be apparent to those who read and consider his thought-provoking books, view his art, or listen to the audio and video recordings available on the site.

Jan's works are a demonstration of what is possible for contemporary men and women and are not just intellectual exercises. Samples are presented here as seeds of random opportunity for faster-than-evolutionary growth. If that is what you require, you are in the right place.

Whatever you apparently hear Jan talking or writing about, know that it is actually about only one thing: your mind. Jan taught a system of understanding based on active participation involving each person's untapped mentation. His practical methods and vocabulary were developed over a period of almost 40 years, during his meetings with numerous groups in many locations.

The system continuously changed and evolved; thus different “maps” are found, depending on the entry point of the participant. Two compilations of his core teachings, The Gates of Man and Storming the Gates, were created to help new listeners get started and enhance their ability to follow the later talks. These provide a background to Jan's Work System, as well as insights into lessons learned in a contemporary Work environment from the point of view of the participants. These and Jan’s published books are now available as e-books from Amazon.

Our Audio and Transcript pages include a selection of some of his early talks, listed by subject (but remember: there is really only one subject). During his lifetime, he recorded over 3,000 hours of talks on both audio and video (some of which were broadcast during the longest running public access show in the U.S., in up to 47 cities).

Another curation of the audio can be found as “Jan Cox 4D Science” on Facebook, and XXX videos are available on YouTube. For a daily pick-me-up, try The Daily News, previously unpublished “news items” selected from thousands of observations he made of the habitual mind.

Jan’s efforts are continued by members of his original group, based in Atlanta and incorporated as Jan’s Legacy, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. We are currently archiving his art, first edition books, unpublished papers, audio and video, to be permanently housed in the Hargrett Rare Book Library of the University of Georgia.

Jan Cox: Continuum, the first public exhibit of Jan’s art, opened this spring and may be viewed online. A more direct online experience called Paradigm II, modeled after events that he originally directed, is available by application through the Atlanta Group.

Jan never sought converts or allowed mere followers, nor specifically encouraged anyone’s interest; yet he and his students created a fluid environment that fostered (and required) intense creativity and focus on reaching through one’s illusive mind with an equally chimerical mental hand. Creative activities and collaboration continue, for those so interested.


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